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Framework Agreement Hkex

If you`re in the business world, you may have heard the term « framework agreement HKEX » being thrown around. But what exactly does it mean and why is it important?

Firstly, HKEX stands for Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, which is the primary stock exchange in Hong Kong. A framework agreement is a type of contract that outlines the terms and conditions for future agreements between two or more parties. In the case of HKEX, framework agreements are used to establish long-term relationships between the exchange and its clients, such as investment banks and brokerages.

These agreements may cover a wide range of topics, from the types of securities that can be traded on the exchange to the fees that will be charged for various services. They are usually negotiated over a period of time and are meant to provide stability and predictability for both parties.

One of the key benefits of a framework agreement is that it can help to reduce transaction costs. By establishing a standard set of terms and conditions, both parties can save time and money that would otherwise be spent negotiating individual agreements for each transaction.

Another advantage of framework agreements is that they can help to promote transparency and fairness in the market. Since all parties are operating under the same rules and regulations, there is less room for manipulation or unfair practices. This can be especially important in the highly regulated world of finance, where trust and credibility are crucial.

Finally, framework agreements can also provide a degree of flexibility for both parties. While the basic terms of the agreement are set in stone, there may be room for negotiations or amendments to accommodate changing market conditions or other factors.

In summary, a framework agreement HKEX is a type of contract that establishes a long-term relationship between the Hong Kong stock exchange and its clients. It provides stability, predictability, transparency, and flexibility for both parties, and can help to reduce transaction costs and promote fairness in the market. If you`re involved in the world of finance, understanding the importance of framework agreements can be essential to your success.

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